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How AdBlue® can reduce your car’s harmful emissions

Diesel and petrol engines both produce dangerous emissions that impact on the environment but there is a way you can drastically reduce the harmful gasses your diesel Jaguar Land Rover gives off as well as gaining the optimum performance from your vehicle.

Euro 6 Standards

Since 2005, legislation on diesel vehicles in the UK & Ireland and in the rest of Europe demands a drastic reduction of NOx emissions meaning vehicle manufacturers had to re-think the exhaust system on their vehicles.

These regulations, known as Euro 6, set different standards for diesel and petrol cars. For diesel cars, the new cap on the permitted level of NOx emissions has lowered to 80 mg/km, a dramatic drop from the 180 mg/km level required to meet the previous Euro 5 standards. The limit for NOx from petrol cars remains at 60 mg/km, the same as for the Euro 5 standard.

Harmful Emissions

Diesel engines release emissions that impact on the environment. In recent years, significant investment by the automotive industry has seen the environmental impacts of engines using either fuel reduced and Land Rover has very much set the trend as their advanced selective catalyst reduction (SCR) exhaust after treatment, which features on all 2016 vehicles, will ensure our cars meet EU6 NOx standards.

What is Catalytic Reduction?

Selective Catalytic Reduction is an active exhaust gas after-treatment system which converts NOx into less harmful gases and water. Jaguar Land Rover has adopted the technology to significantly reduce emissions and comply with the strict new emissions standards.

How does DEF work?

A special Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), often referred to as AdBlue®, makes this possible. DEF is an aqueous urea solution (32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water) that is injected into the exhaust flow. This causes ammonia to be produced, which breaks down up to 98% of NOx into nitrogen and water.

About AdBlue®

AdBlue® converts harmful NOx from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and steam, therefore considerably reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are a major source of atmospheric pollution and that lead to smog in urban centres.

32.5% urea and 67.5 deionized water AdBlue consumption varies depending on the particular after-treatment system of the exhaust gasses, but also on driving style and driving conditions. A vehicle that is being driven hard or a car that’s only in start-stop traffic conditions might have a higher AdBlue consumption than one that gets a good mix of city and highway miles.

AdBlue is not toxic and is odorless, but it must be stored and transported with care and if you get any on your skin, rinse thoroughly. 

How to use AdBlue®

AdBlue is very easy to use and is a harmless substance. It is not a fuel, nor a fuel additive but a high purity urea solution that must be used in a dedicated tank (DO NOT ADD IT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR DIESEL TANK) on your vehicle and can be refilled as and when required. For optimum performance of your vehicle never add anything to your AdBlue as even the addition of water could damage the catalyst in your SCR system.

Where to buy AdBlue® for your Jaguar Land Rover

Range Rover L405 and Range Rover Sport L494 AdBlue Exhaust Fluid is available in 1.89 Litre Bottles with Easy Pour Tops. This is a five minute fix that can be done at home without any need to pay stupid dealership prices. Click here to buy AdBlue® diesel exhaust system fluid.

LR Centre Proud Sponsors of Defender Tribute Build

Landrover enthusiasts won’t want to miss the very first episode of Fun Rover’s ‘Defender Tribute Build,’ which aired this week.

And what’s more, LR Centre is excited to be joining them throughout this exciting journey as proud sponsors.

The series sees the complete rebuild of a Defender Tribute, using only original parts, minimal refurbishment and plenty of elbow grease.

And this week our friends at Fun Rover began their efforts to revitalise this British classic.

In the first episode Ben has been busy stripping down the axles, researching paint coatings to use on the chassis and setting up an electrolysis tank to restore steel components from the original vehicle.

As sponsors, LR Centre will be helping Ben and the guys at Fun Rover by providing the vital parts and components they need to replace while also offering whatever expert knowledge we can.

So make sure you follow this exciting project by visiting the Fun Rover blog to chart their progress, and you can view the very first episode by watching the video below.

LR Parts team up with Swedish giants

We’re pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Thule as one of our valued parts suppliers.

Established in Sweden in 1942 they are an international group of people united by a passion to help active families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Their products help motorists transport anything safely, easily and in style due to a huge range of exiting items and interesting products.

Based in Malmö, the Thule Group has over 3,000 employees at more than 50 production and sales locations all over the world.

So keep an eye on our website as we will soon be listing the exciting new range of stock.

But in the meantime, find out more about Thule and look at some of the products they offer by clicking here to visit their website.

Land Rover reports best sales performance in its history

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has reported the best sales performance of its history, with the car maker selling more models across the globe than before.

New figures today show the group sold 462,678 vehicles in 2014, which was a 9% increase.

And new product launches, like the Discovery Sport, are expected to help JLR break the 500,000 sales barrier in 2015.

The Jaguar brand delivered its strongest full year performance in nearly a decade, retailing 81,570 vehicles, up 6%, while Land Rover sold 381,108 vehicles in 2014 – a 9% improvement.

JLR also said sales were up across all its key geographical regions, driven by its award-winning portfolio of vehicles.

These latest sales figures represent the group’s fifth year of growth in succession.

New JLR plant opens in China

Jaguar Land Rover’s inaugural overseas manufacturing facility has finally opened in China and the award-winning Range Rover Evoque will be the first model to be built under the first Chinese-British automotive joint venture, with Chery Automobile Company Ltd.

The plant inauguration follows the two-year construction of the factory, which is almost 400,000 square-metres and located in the Changshu Economic Development Zone north of Shanghai.

Dr Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer of Jaguar Land Rover, and Mr Yin Tongyao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chery Automobile Company, welcomed the formal opening of the facility that aims to be the most advanced and efficient car factory in China.

At the plant inauguration, Dr Speth said: “The opening of this world-class facility is an important milestone for Jaguar Land Rover.

While Mr Yin added: “Chery Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to delivering excellence in its quest to lead the Chinese premium automotive industry through its historic British lineage, world-class quality and unique shared value approach.”

By 2016, the facility is expected to be building three Jaguar Land Rover models with total production capacity of 130,000 units a year.

Those vehicles will be manufactured in highly-automated press shops – including cutting-edge aluminium and steel technologies – along with a steel body shop comprising 306 robots, an energy-efficient paint shop and an ergonomically-friendly final assembly line.

A new aluminium body shop, the first in China, is already under construction, at the Changshu facility, to support the introduction of new Jaguar products.

First Land Rover Discovery Sport leaves Halewood plant

History will be made at Halewood ’s Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plant this week when the first Land Rover Discovery Sport rolls off the production line.

The new 4×4 model will replace the Land Rover Freelander 2, which car workers at the Knowsley plant finished building last month.

JLR’s Discovery Sport will now go down the same production line as Halewood’s highly successful Range Rover Evoque, which has proved to be a big seller at home and all over the world.

The production of this latest model has led to 250 more jobs at Halewood, taking its total headcount to 4,750, as part of a £200m investment by JLR to support the new model, which bosses hope will be just as successful as the Evoque.

Plant director Richard Else said: “I am delighted to be welcoming the new Land Rover Discovery Sport to Halewood.

“Its arrival has been a further boost to the region and to our committed and loyal workforce who are all passionate ambassadors for this great company.”

JLR chief executive Dr Ralf Speth said he welcomed the decision to award the new model to Halewood, and Liverpool: “It is totally deserved and strengthens the ‘special relationship’ that bonds Jaguar Land Rover to this great city.”

The new line can make as many as 20 pressings each minute and is the first to be installed in any Jaguar Land Rover factory.

Halewood is now working at full 24-hour capacity during the week for the first time in its 50-year history.

New Jaguar Saloon Arrives for Star-Studded Premier

The new Jaguar XE Sport has been unveiled against a backdrop of helicopters, speedboats, pop stars, glitz and glamour.

Earlier this week the new saloon was seen being flown over some of London’s most famous landmarks underneath a helicopter, a site which saw many people wondering what they were actually witnessing.

But all became clear on Monday night when Jaguar’s hotly anticipated new sports saloon was finally shown off to the waiting world.

After being carried down the River Thames on the back of a speedboat, the XE, which is capable of speeds of up to 155mph and expected to have a price tag of around £30,000, was then serenaded at a musical extravaganza featuring top music artists such as Emeli Sande and the Kaiser Chiefs.

To see how the event was reported by the national press and see some pictures from the launch event, click here.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Flying Jaguar spotted over London

Tourists and locals enjoying some of the most famous views in the world were left in shock as a car soared high above the London skyline.

Well almost.

The bizarre sight of the Jaguar high above the city occurred at 7pm on Sunday September 7th and caused a frenzy of excitement on social media sites, as people scrambled to find out just what was going on.

But rather than being an alien invasion or a futuristic vehicle aimed at beating traffic jams, it was actually the new XE sport saloon being carried by a helicopter in a publicity stunt to promote the new luxury model’s launch later this week.

Read more about this strange occurrence by clicking here.

Annual profits hit record £2.5bn for Jaguar Land Rover

New models and stronger sales in emerging markets have been credited for helping Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) profits accelerate to a record £2.5bn in the last year alone.

The launch of the F-Type two-seater sports car and popularity of Range Rover’s “baby” Evoque model drove worldwide sales up 15.9% to 434,311 vehicles, with revenues climbing 22.8% to £19.4bn and pre-tax profit surging 49.4% to £2.5bn. The operating margin nudged up 2.7 percentage points to 17.5%.

The XF saloon was Jaguar’s biggest-selling model, with 49,000 models rolling out showrooms, while the Evoque was Land Rover’s most popular, with 123,000 units sold.

However, JLR’s success masked analysts’ disappointment at the performance of its parent company Tata Motors. Since JLR was sold in 2008 by Ford for $2.5bn (£1.4bn) to Tata, the British business has helped prop up its Indian owner.

Tata Motors reported fourth-quarter profits 39.2bn rupees (£395m), down from 39.5bn rupees in the same period last year below, and below City consensus expectations of 46.1bn.

However, on annual basis the business did see some improvement, with full-year revenues rising by 23.3pc to 2.3trillion rupees and consolidated profit before tax up 38pc to 18.9bn rupees.

Ralf Speth, chief executive of West Midlands-based JLR, said: “[This year] has proven to be a solid year for Jaguar Land Rover, based on the demand around the world for our engaging products including the Range Rover Sport and F-Type Coupe.

“Together, these activities have driven a solid financial performance for the company which continues to deliver on its strategic growth plans. These plans will see us invest in 50 new product actions over the next five years supported by our nurturing parent Tata Motors”.

The company did warn that’s sterling’s continued strength – which makes JLR’s products more expensive to foreign buyers – had had an impact in the final three months of the year.

In its annual results, parent Tata Motors blamed the 33% drop it suffered in sales of passenger and commercial vehicles to 1.32m on India’s “sustained deceleration in the economic growth, high inflation, higher fuel prices, reduced availability of finance, elevated interest rate regime” adding that these factors “continued to impact the demand for the entire auto industry in general and commercial vehicle industry”.

The 5 Most Common Reasons Your Car Will Fail an MOT

Taking our car for its yearly MOT is right up there with a visit to the dentist or a letter from the tax office when it comes to the things we dread the most.

And even those of us with a relatively new vehicle (almost a fifth of three year old cars fail their first MOT) aren’t exempt from that sick feeling of being told the car has failed.

So here are the top 5 reasons cars today fail their MOT and what you might be able to do about it.

1. Lights and Signalling Faults

You need to be able to see where you are going when it’s dark as well as people seeing you.

So it’s not surprising that the most common reason for an MOT failure is problems with lights and indicators. If your car has any issues with its headlamps – including faulty brake lights and broken indicators –  it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll paying for a re-test in a flash.

A simple check around the car before you take it for an MOT and investing in a set of spare bulbs might just save you a pretty penny in the long run.

 2. Poor Quality Tyres
The basic requirement that an MOT tester is looking for with your tyres is that the tread is above the legal limit of 1.6mm, as well as being in generally good condition including the valve and the wheel.

They are also looking for tears, bulges, cracks in the sidewall and any other form of damage; with the basic principle being that if your tyres are not safe enough to drive on they WILL fail the MOT test.

Of course this could save your life, but also a lot of money as illegal tyres in the UK can incur a fine of £1000 – per tire!

3. Faulty Brakes

It goes without saying that brakes are an extremely important part of a car. But it’s not just a case of whether they bring your vehicle to a stop or not. It’s all about condition, operation and performance.

A braking system will be subject to an inspection of the physical brake components, as well as efficiency. The MOT inspector will check the brake pedal for travel and excessive free play in the mounting and also inspect the individual braking components for wear and leakage.

Some dealerships and garages actually offer free brake tests and can give you a good idea whether your car needs work before passing an MOT.


4. Suspension Issues

Hearing a squeak or a clunking noise from under your car when you are turning the wheel or going over bumps in the road?

Most of us drive without even noticing steering and suspension faults, so these problems are only picked up when we take a car for an MOT test.

Suspension is checked by applying loads in various ways with the wheels jacked up and in order for your car to pass no split pins or nuts missing, no components broken or excessively damaged and Shock absorbers must not leak and must be secure.

A number plate doesn’t just exist so that people can spend huge amounts of money on incredibly vain personalised versions.

It’s there so your car can be identified.

In the UK it’s a legal requirement to have your number plate clearly visible at all times, so an excessively damaged or obstructed number plate, or even one that is unreadable, will result in an MOT fail.

More tips on caring for your car:

JLR Sales Soar for Middle East and North Africa

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that its sales in the Middle East and North Africa rose by 36% in the fiscal year to April 2014.

The company said it achieved an all time sales record in March as the MENA region became its third fastest growing in the world and its fifth largest market.

Commenting on the results, Bruce Robertson, managing director for Jaguar Land Rover MENA said: “In a fiscal year when we introduced our strongest and most comprehensive line-up to date, whilst being awarded the most accolades in the company’s history, our performance in MENA is a phenomenal achievement, and one which firmly places us in the top five markets for Jaguar Land Rover globally.

The impressive figures have been helped in part by the success of the company’s flagship Jaguar XJ, with the luxury brand delivering its highest ever monthly sales recorded in March.

Introduced in 2013, sales of the Range Rover Sport were up 40% while sales of the Range Rover also grew by a massive 110% – highlighting the region’s appetite for its luxury SUVs shows no sign of abating..

Based in Dubai, Jaguar Land Rover MENA serves 17 markets in the region and has a newly launched engineering vehicle testing centre in Dubai, with an all new training academy due to launch in mid-2014.

The company is forecast to grow to 64 dealerships across 18 markets by 2017/18.

The Airbag: Saving Lives for Over 30 years

The airbag is something we all take for granted when travelling in modern vehicles. But unlike a seatbelt,  which we think nothing of as a driver or passenger, it’s something few of us (if we’re lucky) will ever see.

Just knowing it is there is reassuring enough for most people.

Believe it or not airbags have been standard in some vehicles for over 30 years now, but their journey from being something of a novelty invention to an every-day safety essential has been anything but a smooth ride.

Here are just some of the key dates in the development of the airbag from the brainchild of a retired engineer to the trusty motoring essential we know it as today.

1952 Retired industrial engineer John W. Hetrick is in involved in a near miss while out for a drive with his wife and daughter. He spent the whole of the drive home thinking: “Why couldn’t some object come out to stop you from striking the inside of the car?” On August 5, 1952, he files his disclosures and waits more than a year for his patent – a process that cost him about $250.

1953 Hetrick received a patent for what he called a “safety cushion assembly for automotive vehicles.” His U.S. Patent No. 2,649,311 was the first prototype for today’s modern airbags. In the same year German inventor Walter Linderer also received a patent in for an “inflatable cushion” to protect drivers in accidents.

1967 Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz starts to develop airbags for its vehicles prompted by a rapid increase in accidents during the 1960s

1969 A new federal law that mandated ‘automatic occupant protection systems’ for every car in the USA is passed, paving the way for airbags to be mass produced and used in all vehicles.

1970 New Jersey engineer Allen K. Breed invents a device that many say gave birth to the airbag industry. His crash sensing technology, the only one of its kind, is considered the world’s first electromechanical automotive airbag system.

1973 The Oldsmobile Toronado becomes the first car with a passenger airbag, still a rarity at the time.

1980 The airbag makes its name in Europe when Mercedes-Benz introduces the device in Germany as an option on its high-end model W126.

1985 Ford and Chrysler introduce airbags as an extra in all of their vehicles.

1987 The Porsche 944 turbo became the first car to have driver and passenger airbags as standard equipment. This was also the same year also saw the first airbag in a Japanese car, the Honda Legend.

1990 History is made when the first recorded accident between two vehicles in which an airbag deploys to protect each driver occurs on March 12, 1990.

1992 The Jeep Grand Cherokee becomes the first SUV with airbags on the market.

1995 Due to their success in reducing injuries following a collision, Volvo offers side airbags and torso side protection air bags as an option on its 850 models.

2006 Seeing what a success air bags have become in cars over the years, Honda introduces the first air bag systems for motorcycles.

We provide a number of airbag related accessories in our online store, take a look here:

New Jaguar XE goes on show at Geneva Motor Show

Jaguar has offered the world a brief glimpse of its new sub £30,000 small saloon at the Geneva Motor Show.

The XE as it will officially be known, is expected to be on the market in 2015 and JLR claim it will be lighter and stiffer than its rivals for ‘unbeatable handling, performance, refinement and efficiency’.

The XE will be powered by the brand-new family of engines, dubbed the Ingenium, which will shortly go into production at the company’s new facility in Wolverhampton.

Power for this new sedan will come from a turbocharged two litre petrol or diesel unit with which is hoped wil boast sub-100 g/km CO2 emissions.

Other, more powerful engines look certain to be offered, as Jaguar point to the fact that the car is designed to achieve speeds in excess of 300 km/h (186 mph).

The XE is seen as a direct competitor to the likes of the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

Speaking at the Geneva Auto Show, Jaguar-Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth, explained: “We announced just a few weeks ago that our new Engine Manufacturing Centre would produce a new family of premium, lightweight, low-friction, low emission four-cylinder petrol and diesel units.

“The first of our Ingenium engine range will be used in our all-new mid-sized Jaguar sports sedan. That car will be called the Jaguar XE, and it will be unveiled in production form later this year.”