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Safety Information for Motor Mechanics in the Workplace

motor mechanic safety

According to the Health and Safety Executive there have been over 7000 injuries and 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair industry over the last 5 years alone.

But many of these injuries and deaths have come about because people haven’t followed simple safety instructions or are using the wrong equipment.

A broken ankle or lost finger needn’t be a badge of honour for a motor mechanic, so follow these six simple steps and stay safe in your workshop.

Ventilate your workspace

Exhaust fumes are toxic and inhaling them all day can lead to serious illness and in the worst case scenario death. So if you’re working in a garage or workshop all day with cars that are ticking-over you need to ensure your working are is properly ventilated; and this doesn’t mean just opening a back window. So if you are in any doubt, when working on a car with the engine running – do it outside.

Always wear a mask

Fumes from substances such as spray paint, brake fluid and filler can be just as dangerous as those from engine exhausts. So if you are working within close proximity of any chemicals you should ALWAYS wear a mask. And this doesn’t just mean a scarf over your face; it should be a properly fitted mechanics mask which displays the British Standard kite mark

Grab your goggles

Whether you’re welding, soldering or even carrying out a simple brake test, you should always wear safety goggles. Workshops and garages will always have the potential for flying fragments that can cause serious damage to your sight and even the loss of an eye. So get into the habit of wearing goggles all the time; in that way they will become second nature and you won’t even realise you are wearing them.

Don’t forget gloves

A strong pair of gloves will go some way to protecting your digits from sharp objects and dangerous machinery; but working with chemicals and dangerous fluids day-in-day-out can cause long-term damage to skin such as dermatitis. So even for the slightest task it’s advised that you wear a thin pair of latex gloves to prevent future skin complaints and complications.

Lift properly

Lifting gearboxes, tyres or engine parts all day will certainly take their toll on your knees, back and shoulders; possibly causing problems like arthritis in later life, if not worse. Lifting heavy objects the correct way will greatly reduce the risk of injury and soreness. So learn to consistently use the proper technique when lifting in the workshop to keep yourself safe, each and every time.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s often the case that some jo
bs are just too big for one person to undertake. Trying to cut corners or do things that might stretch you to your limits could ultimately cause serious injury. It may not seem like the most macho thing to do, but if a job is simply too big to tackle yourself – ask a friend or colleague for help.

Land Rover Sales up 13% in February

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) today reported a 14% increase in global sales in February.

The company sold 5,300 Jaguar vehicles, up 15%, while Land Rover sales rose 13% to 25,187.

The car manufacturer who has plants in the Midlands and North West sold 30,487 units over the month long period.

The company’s sales were up 44% in the China region, 12% in North America, 16% in Asia Pacific and 1% in Europe, according to an official statement.

JLR Group Sales Operations Director Andy Goss said: “This has been another solid month for Jaguar Land Rover with continued strong demand for models across the range in our international markets.”

During the first two months of the year, JLR has sold 69,593 vehicles, which is an increase of 13%.

JLR Profits Double in Last Quarter of 2013

After a great year for Jaguar Land Rover, latest figures have shown huge profits for the UK based car manufacturer during the last quarter of 2013.

The company made £842m in the last three months of 2013 on revenues of £5.3bn. That’s almost double the £404m profit for the same period in 2012.

Sales in this last quarter rose 27% year-on-year to 112,172 vehicles, driven by the popularity of vehicles like the Range Rover Sport.

During 2013 as a whole, JLR sold a record 425,006 saloons and sports utility vehicles, with sales particularly strong in Brazil, China, India and the US.

The results have also underpinned a surge in profits for Jaguar Land Rover’s parent company Tata Motors, whose net income almost tripled to 48.1 billion rupees (£471 million) in the past 12 months.

JLR chief executive Ralf Speth said the company’s results were “a testament to the quality” of their cars.

Jaguar Land Rover shows off new models at Auto Show

The LWB caused a stir in Los Angeles last year

Jaguar Land Rover will show off some of the most talked about cars of the year at the Auto Expo in Delhi this week.
One of the most anticipated vehicles will be the Range Rover LWB – the most expensive car in JLR’s range.

The new Range Rover is powered by a supercharged V8 engine, will do 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds and has been designed and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover’s new Engineered to Order division to combine “luxury, design and performance.”

Costing around £140,000, this particular brand of Range Rover is aimed at a growing group of consumers who are looking for the ultimate SUV, and an alternative to more traditional long wheelbase saloon cars.

As well as an extended (186mm) wheelbase, the LWB also offers executive class seats complete with massage facility that recline 17 degrees (the seats in the standard Rangie lean 8 degrees), 10.2 inch screens, deployable tables and even a champagne cooler.
The interior will feature leather and wood trims along with mood lighting and programmable settings for each individual seat.

The vehicle wowed crowds last November at the Los Angeles Motor Show and is expected to cause a similar reaction in India.
As well as the LWB, other vehicles to feature at the event will be the 2014 Range Rover Sport, and the Freelander 2.

The 12th Auto Expo will be held in Delhi between February 7th – 11th and you can find out more about the event by clicking here.

Record Breaking Sales for Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has reported record breaking global sales for 2013, selling 425,006 vehicles in 2013 – up 19% on 2012 – and setting new sales records in 38 international markets.

It’s been a great 12 months for Britain’s largest car manufacturer and this news is just the icing on the cake.

Dr Ralf Speth, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), said: “2013 has proven to be a very positive year for Jaguar Land Rover thanks to continuing strong demand for vehicles across the range.

“Our unrelenting focus on design, technology, innovation and quality has seen Jaguar Land Rover reach global consumers in more markets than ever before thanks to its most desirable product line-up, enriched further in 2013 by the Jaguar F-TYPE and all-new Range Rover Sport”. quotes from:

The future of Jaguar Land Rover also looks bright with around 600 jobs being created over the next four years at the firm’s newest site near Wolverhampton. More than £500m is being invested in the centre, which will build low-emission engines.


Antarctica explorers in Pole position

Explorers Ben Saunders and team-mate Tarka L’Herpiniere have reached the South Pole – marking the half-way stage of their epic round the world trek.
The team are attempting to recreate and complete Captain Scott’s ill fated Terra Nova expedition, which took place over 100 years ago.

The duo crossed the Ross Ice Shelf, navigated the Beardmore Glacier and skied across the Antarctic Plateau in order to get to the pole, which they achieved on Boxing Day – the 63rd day into the trip.
The expedition is being supported by Land Rover and is one of the most ambitious polar journeys attempted in the last century due to minus 46C temperatures and difficult terrain.

It took them 10 days to scale the 8000ft of the Beardmore Glacier on the way to the pole – a feat achieved by only a small band of explorers, including Ernest Shackleton and Captain Scott.
Once they have reached Scott’s iconic hut they will have to return by navigating the same route in the reverse direction.

As well as using their Land Rover support vehicles the team – who are expected to return to the UK by mid February – have already covered more than 1000 miles on foot.

Built to last: Range Rover wins depreciation award

The Range Rover SUV has once again topped the motoring charts – this time for the fact that it holds its value longer than any other vehicle on the market.
According to the website, the Range Rover SUV performs best when it comes to depreciation, beating the likes of the Porsche Boxster roadster and Audi A3 hatchback.
Deprecation is the amount of money your car loses in value from the time you buy it to the time you sell it on. Not always something that a lot of car buyers think about when they make a purchase, but it can be the biggest cost of running a car.
According to “Not only is the Range Rover SUV a luxury car to rival the likes of the Mercedes S-Class, it’s also an incredibly capable 4×4.”
It was also described as, “Hugely practical,” with judges going on to claim, “It’s no surprise that it holds on to its value better than almost any other car.”
Using figures from VIP Data – a company that predicts residual values – the 4.4-litre SDV8 model was found to hold 62.1% of its list price after three years and 36,000 miles, beating the Porsche Boxter into second place, which retained 57.7% of its original worth.
The Range Rover also won the Best Luxury Car award earlier in 2013 due to its “incredible level of quality and comfort,” so this award completes a highly sought after double for Range Rover in what has been a year to remember.
To view the full run-down of the vehicles and to see how they compared, just click here.

JLR looks to tackle youth unemployment thanks to apprenticeship scheme

Jaguar Land Rover has launched its 2014 apprentice recruitment drive as the company looks to find the new generation of engineers.

Young people can gain valuable experience as part of the initiative from the company which is keen to tackle the growing problem of youth unemployment.

The UK’s largest automotive apprenticeship provider is looking for up to 150 new recruits to join the 500-strong group currently undertaking the scheme across its five sites.

But the car manufacturer is calling on more young women to consider engineering careers and join a growing number of females choosing to work in the automotive sector.

Currently 24 female engineers on JLR’s pioneering apprenticeship programme but the company is keen to increase the number of young women in their workforce.

Mike Wright, executive director of JLR, said: “The automotive sector is incredibly competitive and never has the challenge and opportunity for engineers in this industry been greater.

“It is therefore critical that Jaguar Land Rover attracts the next generation of engineers and innovators to help our business achieve its ambitious plans for growth.

“To do this, we are fully committed to advancing the STEM agenda with the development of grass roots initiatives such as Girls In The Know.”

For more information on the scheme and details of how to apply visit

Winter Car Check – 7 vehicle checks you should perform before winter

As the nights draw in and the weather takes a turn for the worse; it’s not just us humans that feel the bite of winter – cars can struggle too. They need a little care and attention to ensure they make it through the dark months ahead.

If the last few years are anything to go by, we could be in for another bitter blast and you’re more likely to break down in extreme weather than at any other time – so you need to be sure your vehicle is ready.

Performing a pre-winter check is simple and needn’t be a costly job.

Here are 7 simple checks that the AA advise you should make in order to be sure that your car doesn’t feel the chill this winter.

1. Check your antifreeze

This is vital going into the coldest time of the year. Make sure you check your car’s coolant level regularly and, if required, top-up with a mixture of the correct type of antifreeze. Your local garage can also check concentration to ensure adequate cold temperature protection.

2. Take a look at your battery

A battery more than five years old may struggle in the cold – so make sure you get it checked and replaced if necessary. Battery failure is the most common cause of winter breakdowns, so make sure yours is up to the job.

3. See to your lights

On dark winter nights it’s vital that you can see clearly and be seen. Make sure all your headlights and indicators are working properly and ensure you keep spare bulbs in the car in case of emergencies.

4. Examine your tyres

You should have at least 3mm of tread on your tyres for winter motoring. Consider specially designed winter tyres for improved safety if you live in an area that is prone to bad weather. It’s also vital that you check the pressure of your tyres at least every fortnight.

5. Check your windscreen

Making sure your windscreen is clean will prevent dazzling glare at a time of year that the sun is particularly low. This could also be a good time to check your wiper blades are in a good condition as they are bound to get plenty of use. Also, make sure you check for any chips and cracks, as during cold weather these can get worse and ultimately lead to a shattered windscreen.

6. Top up screen wash

Because of the grit that is often used to keep roads from freezing; there’s a good chance your windscreen will need constant cleaning on long journeys. Make sure your reservoir is topped up regularly with a 50% mix of a good quality screen wash and clean water.

7. Keep an eye on your locks

Believe it or not, some people actually fail to get into their cars during extreme winter weather. Don’t be left out in the cold. To stop doors freezing shut, use a thin coat of polish or Vaseline on rubber door seals.  A squirt of WD-40 in the locks will also help to stop them freezing.

Land Rover announces new hybrid models for 2014


Land Rover has just released details of their first hybrid models to hit the market next year.

The Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid will go on sale in early 2014 and herald the beginning of an exciting era for the company as they venture into the world of hybrid vehicles.

Fans of the Land Rover need not worry however. The new hybrid models combine Land Rover’s existing 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox with a compact 47bhp electric motor mounted in the standard transmission casing.

The electric motor develops 125lb ft which contributes to an overall output of 516lb ft and both cars use the 292bhp SDV6 diesel engine that’s already available for the Range Rover Sport. Fuel consumption for both models is 44.1mpg.

In both cars, a lithium-ion battery pack is mounted beneath the floor, with a boron-steel cover that protects it from off-road damage. The hybrid system adds less than 120kg to the cars’ overall weight.

Land Rover says that both cars were designed with a hybrid system in mind, so the system is integrated within the car’s original packaging and drivers will notice no obvious differences.

As for the price, details are still a little sketchy. But it’s thought that they will be similar to the super charged petrol models which are currently on the market; meaning a price of about £85,000 for the Range Rover Sport and about £98,000 for the Range Rover.

Full details will be announced at the Frankfurt motor show next month with the cars then available to order immediately afterwards.

If you require any range rover upgrades or accessories, then it’s likely that you’ll find what you looking for by visiting the range rover products section on our site.

New convertible could be just around the corner

Rumours that Jaguar Land Rover will manufacture a convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque are rife after company officials failed to deny reports that work would begin at their Halewood plant on Merseyside.

The company told the Liverpool ECHO such claims were “pure speculation,” but it has not ruled out releasing a roofless model of the luxury vehicle.

A prototype edition of the convertible was first manufactured and displayed at a motor show last year and since then the industry has been expecting an announcement that the new model will go into mass production; possibly as early as 2014.

Asked by the ECHO to confirm these claims a company spokesman said the reports were “pure speculation”, but added: “Jaguar Land Rover has not made any announcement with regard to this product.”

Despite the denials it’s been reported in industry magazines, such as “What Car?” that a decision to begin production has already been made. According to the publication a company insider said the Evoque convertible had been given the “green light”.
Since the launch of the sporty 4×4 Evoque the Halewood plant, which now employs 4,500 people and 1,500 agency staff, has been operating 24 hours a day; ensuring a new Evoque rolls off the production line every 82 seconds.

Thanks mainly to huge demand from China Jaguar Land Rover has enjoyed a roaring year of success in 2013; selling 210,109 cars between January and June this year.

Land Rover number one in America

Land Rover has topped the charts in a list of the Top 10 SUVs on the US market.

The list was compiled by KELLY, the leading provider of new and used car information, based in California.

They took into account what shoppers craving style, comfort and lavish amenities were looking for in a vehicle and sure enough – the Land Rover Range Rover came out on top.

The hand-picked selection of first-class Sports Utility Vehicles was assembled by editors to highlight cars that turn suburban-jungle exploits into something a little more luxurious, as well as providing extra room for equipment.

Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director for KELLY said, “For decades the Range Rover has prowled to the ends of the Earth, growing more luxurious with each generation.

“Combining opulent amenities with extreme capability, the all-new-for-2013 version is the best Range Rover yet.”’s 10 Best Luxury SUVs of 2013

  1. Land Rover Range Rover
  2. Mercedes-Benz GL
  3. Porsche Cayenne
  4. Lexus RX
  5. Infiniti JX
  6. Audi Q5
  7. Acura RDX
  8. BMW X1
  9. Volvo XC60
  10. Cadillac Escalade ESV






Land Rover to support epic South Pole mission

An attempt to retrace Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole will be fronted by Land Rover later this year.

British explorer and Land Rover Global Brand Ambassador Ben Saunders will be accompanied on the expedition by professional adventurer Tarka L’Herpiniere. They aim to be the first pair to accomplish the return polar journey, almost 100 years after Scott’s heroic attempt.

The 1,800 mile trek will be the longest unsupported polar expedition made and will set new benchmarks in the use of high-tech digital equipment – enabling the pair to send film, images and social media updates direct from Antarctica.

Ben is one of Britain’s most accomplished and experienced explorers and has been a Land Rover Global Brand Ambassador since 2008. He was supported by the company in his attempt to break the speed record for a solo ski journey to the North Pole later that year.

“Ben is a true ambassador for Land Rover and the Scott Expedition promises to reinforce his status as a worthy successor to Captain Scott and the other great polar explorers in history,” explains Mark Cameron, Land Rover’s Global Brand Experience Director. “We are pleased to support him and the entire expedition team in their exceptional ambition; it represents perfectly our brand’s heritage and its vision for endurance and achievement in the toughest environments.”

Though a Land Rover fanatic, the iconic vehicle will not be accompanying the pair on their trip. Ben and his fellow traveller Tarka will haul everything they need to make their journey on two sleds – each carrying 200kg of food and equipment. The custom made snow vehicles use carbon fibre to keep overall weight down and to withstand the rigours of extreme low temperatures and rough ice terrain.

“The Scott Expedition will be both the greatest and most meaningful challenge I’ve ever taken on,” said Saunders. It will require every inch of resilience and determination we can summon. Completing Scott’s Terra Nova expedition is a life-long dream of mine and I’m extraordinarily grateful for the support of Land Rover and Intel in making the Scott Expedition a reality.”

65 years of success – Jaguar Land Rover celebrate record sales figures

Just weeks after celebrating their 65th anniversary, Jaguar Land Rover made the news again this week – announcing record annual sales, revenues and profits for the last year.

Car sales soared 22% to 374,636 vehicles in the past 12 months, a revenue jump of 17% to the end of March. That’s £15.8bn, which helped contribute towards a pre-tax profit increase of 11% or £1,675m.

The value of JLR’s Chinese market was highlighted with sales up by 48% to 77,075, that’s just behind the entire European market where it sold 80,994 vehicles, an increase of 18%.

Here in the UK sales improved by 20% to 72,270. While sales in North America were 9% better or 62,959 vehicles in total.

JLR chief executive Dr Ralf Speth made it quite clear that he held production quality and investment responsible for the increases, as well as celebrating the thousands of new jobs that have been created within the company.

“The positive results for the financial year demonstrate that we have strong demand for our great, solid product portfolio all around the world,” he announced.

Jaguar Land Rover invested significantly in the product creation process, in our advanced manufacturing sites and created more than 3,000 jobs.

“This commitment is set to continue with a sustained programme of investment which will see us spend in the region of £2.75bn on new product, people and infrastructure in the year to March 2014.”

The announcement made welcome reading for the 4,500 workers at the company’s Halewood plant on Merseyside. Staff there have recently been working round the clock to meet demand for vehicles, including the new Evoque model.

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25 Must Have Accessories for your Land Rover

For those of us who own a Land Rover, Range Rover or any other off road vehicle ourselves, or have undertaken the Land Rover Experience (which I all suggest you try by the way) is fully aware of just how enjoyable it can be to push the suspension, rugged tires and powerful engine to their absolute limit!

Whether you’re a heart pounding thrill seeker, with a taste of the dirt track, or you prefer to stick to the road, safety being top on your list of requirements, you always want to look the part.

Rest assured, with these easy to install parts and accessories, you’re certain to be the envy of the open road!

  1. Cargo Barrier
  2. Folding Rear Step

  3. Raised Air Intake
  4. Bike Carrier – Towbar Mounted 
  5. Water Sport Roof Hold
  6. Side Steps
  7. Fog Lamps
  8. Safari Driving Lamps
  9. Rear Assists
  10. Interior Oak Vent Covers
  11. Alloy Pedal Kit
  12. Coloured Door Handle Skins

  13. Winch system
  14. Tubular Bumper with Attached Winch
  15. Coloured Lamp Kit
  16. Coloured Covers for Safari Lamps
  17. Wheel Cover

  18. Wheel Centre Cap
  19. Snow Chains
  20. Mud Flaps
  21. Tyre Valve Cap
  22. Heavy Duty Tow Bar
  23. Cargo Retention Net
  24. Front Lamp Guards
  25. Rear Bumper Tread Plate